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Service is key.

Engineering is a service profession. Whenever I can, I try to take on projects that help build up my community and work to improve the systems that helped me grow. Most of my work focuses on projects that directly help people, inspire inclusively, and/or encourage hands-on learning. After all, without those kinds of projects I never would have become an engineer.

Nebraska Sesquicentennial Hologram​


In May 2019 I was approached by Debra White, author of The Spirit of Nebraska, about designing an effect for an upcoming speech celebrating UNL's 150th anniversary. Over the next 5 months, I led a team that developed a pepper's ghost hologram of the deceased Louise Pound, an icon of what is magical about Nebraskan Spirit.

Giraffe Enrichment​ Design

Of all the projects I have led with the Theme Park Design Group, designing themed giraffe enrichment toys for the Lincoln Children's Zoo is probably the most unusual. This was a wonderful opportunity to familiarize our members with a variety of techniques and materials, and to create a plethora of toys that are durable, safe, and (most of all) appealing to the giraffes. The project was a great success, and spread to Big10 Network, the Journal Star, and eventually the cover page of the UNL admissions and recruitment materials.

"Super Strength" Children's Museum Exhibit
My first time ever leading a project (and our first project with the UNL Theme Park Design Group), this exhibit really challenged me to develop an effective leadership method early in my college career. After several weeks of hard work, our exhibit opened to 2,000 kids in the first day alone!
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