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Industry Experience is crucial.

Unfortunately, I can't talk about my work a whole lot. Whether its a "major theme park expansion in Anaheim and Orlando" or "designing hardware components for a ride being built in Hollywood", I have had opportunities to contribute to projects around the world. Most of that falls under NDA, but if you have any questions about my industry experience, do not hesitate to contact me.

Omnimover Ride Wireless Network
Design & Installation
  • Designed patent-pending hardware via Fusion360 and fabricated essential components (CNC/Metal fab)
  • Managed a four-man installation crew and coordinated onsite logistics over a 2 week period.
  • Drafted technical drawing packages, performed performance testing, and led vendor coordination
My first job with Prism Systems, I was tasked with designing, fabricating, and ultimately managing the installation of a leaky coax wireless communication network for a new omniover ride opening in Hollywood, CA. I designed a modular Unistrut bracketing system, helped perform laboratory testing to verify system performance, and directed the logistics of delivering materials, tools, and hardware onsite.
I then flew to California to manage a four man construction crew and oversee the installation. I'm not sure that my boss knew how young I was, because he was surprised when I couldn't rent a car at LAX. Did I mention this was my second week on the job? Our crew worked 12 hour days (6 days a week) on an active construction site, during which I was constantly coordinating with our client and other contractors in standup meetings, updating project progress spreadsheets, revising technical documents, and taking care of our installation crew.

This was the first large-scale design project I'd ever worked on, and it was not always smooth-sailing (and certainly not easy). However, I learned an incredible amount about the structure of themed entertainment projects, project management, California labor union law, and vendor coordination from this experience. Ultimately, things worked well enough that we have replicated the design on multiple other attractions. I am grateful that Prism Systems saw something I did not see in myself, and gave me the opportunity to prove myself.
"Give Kids The World" Putt-Putt Charity Fundraiser Management
  • Served as project manager, coordinating between project teams, event sponsors, and entertainers
  • Pitched and secured program funding from companies and private donors
  • Taught workshops for underprivileged youth to get involved in course design and  learn about the creative design process
I have had the privilege of leading several wonderful community project teams while in college, but few have had the scope and intricacy of this. By far our most ambitious project to date, we are building a pop-up mini golf course, with 9 custom interactive Nebraska-themed. holes, food trucks, art installations, and live entertainment. Each hole is pretty complex, with large scale model buildings, lighting effects, sound triggers, pneumatics, digital score counters, and plans for much more. The event is to benefit Give Kids The World, a nonprofit that provides terminally ill children and their families with expense-free accessible vacations, a welcome reprieve from the daily challenges associated with medical care.
From the beginning, my priority was to delegate as much as possible and focus personally on event success and paving the way for our development teams to meet their goals. This meant hours spent securing contributions with sponsors and donors, and coordinating between vendors, craftspeople, and our own team members.
Because our group projects are very community-focused, a big part of this project is the involvement of underprivileged youth in the design and construction of the course. I am grateful to have been raised with tools in my hands. Not only are we working to make the event a success, but I've also made it a point to teach what we've learned in the process!
Fortitude: Disney Imaginations
Team Leader

I have been yearning to compete in Disney Imaginations since I entered college. In 2019, led a team that developed a conceptual installation for each campus of UNL. I learned a lot from this project, and really came to understand the importance of clear communication and project strategy to develop with a cool product. Ultimately, we were declared semifinalists!

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